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A man with a bounty on his head joins a game of high stakes poker against three strangers who bet with more than just money and have plenty of time to kill.


Noel Vinson


Noel Vinson, T.C. De Witt, Liam Hurley, Jon Kline, Candace Lauren Ostler and Sam White


Roger Ward, Rene Aranda, Malcolm Kennard, T.C. De Witt and Luke Bovino

Top Shorts WN 2022 Vector_edited_edited.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Door County Film Festival - 2021_edited.png
Top Shorts WN 2022 Vector_edited_edited.png
FTN Official Selection_edited.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - AFIN International Film Festival - 2020_edited.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - MKE INT - 2021_edited.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Festival del Cinema di Cefal - 2021_edited.png
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